New Mannequin Patterns Uploaded

Several new patterns have been uploaded to the store mannequin section of the shopping cart. Most of these patterns are from the 1941- 42 era.     This would have been just before the United States officially got into world war two.  These little patterns are printed prior to regulations that started in September of 1942 that limited the amount of fabric that could be used to make garments from the patterns. The sale of patterns and fabric had increased 40 to 50% over the 1940 figures.

Among the new patterns uploaded is a mannikin number 4275.  It is for shirtwaist dress with several different style options .








Mannikin pattern number 43O8 is for dinner dress.  The dress is floor-length has an interesting draped bodice, and can be made with or without a collar.










Pattern number 4432 is for a two piece suit.  The jacket has raglan sleeves making its super easy to sew.










Minikin Pattern number 4637 is for classic 1942 two piece bathing suit.  A young girl today wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it in public but in 1942 it was the height of fashion.










Mannikin pattern number 4736 is for another classic dinner dress.  This dress again has different sleeve options.











Mannequin number 4987 would have been right at home at a ‘luncheon with the girls’, at a business appointment, or just about anywhere that required something other than a “house dress”.










Several other patterns are also included in this week’s update for the mannikin store.  These patterns are only available as downloads.  You need a printer that will print on legal size paper.  The patterns are available as soon as payment clears.