It’s official or Is it??

Well——- I guess it’s official. I am out of the machine quilting business. I will no longer be doing quilts for other people. Sorry Ladies— but it’s time.

I guess when you retire you are supposed to be kind of laid back. To me, this retirement just means that I’m going in a different direction. Instead of quilting for other people I am going to be catching up on all MY quilts, I’m also going to get back to doing things I love, mainly playing with dolls. Hey… I’m pushing 70, I’m allowed to be a little eccentric.

I have been fascinated most of my adult life with designing fashions for dolls. All kinds of dolls, it doesn’t really matter, baby dolls, fashion dolls, stuffed dolls and anything else that is miniature in size.

Retirement to me just means I will have more time to do what I want. I don’t have to keep to any schedule and my time(whatever is left of it) is my own again.

Does that mean I will be working less? No way José! I’ll just be going in a different direction.

I have been ‘tinkering’ around with this website for the last couple years. Never really getting much done, but learning a lot along the way. Now I’m ready to really dig in and accomplish something. (I hope) I have over 1300 doll patterns in various stages of completion plus probably 3 times as many out of print doll patterns. I want to be able to offer these patterns at a reasonable price and as downloads. But can’t do that until I get this mess straightened out.

Check back often to see how far I get!!!!!