Exploring My Site

Exploring this website

The homepage is self-explanatory. The pictures in the scroll bar at the top of the page are links to general pattern information. Just click on ‘details’ and it will take you to a page with general information.

The button bar
The ‘about’ button takes you to a general information page on my patterns.

The ‘inform‘ button flaps down to show the general categories. Click on one of these for general information and sizes on the dolls and the patterns that I create for them.

The ‘how to’ button is self-explanatory. The landing page has links to some general sewing information sheets, and a few hints on basic how-to’s.

The ‘catalog’ button takes you to the shopping cart.

The ‘Gallery‘ is just that. A gallery of larger thumbnails of outfits in progress. If you click on the thumbnail it takes you to a larger more detailed picture of the outfits.  These outfits are available when completed in the catalog section.  Placing them here makes it faster for you to view what is available or new items in progress.  The catalog will have more info on each outfit.

The ‘pattern’ button takes you to a thumbnail gallery of doll names. If you click on one of those thumbnails it will take you to a gallery page of the patterns that are available for that particular doll size. Click on one of the thumbnail patterns and it takes you to that pattern page with pictures and information of the pattern and what other sizes it is available in.

Please note many of the same patterns can be purchased for different sized dolls.

Please check the language that the pattern is available in. Our patterns are in English, but many of them will also be available in Spanish, French, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese.

Please note: the foreign language patterns instructions are very basic but all our patterns have pictures or graphics as well as the instructions.