Modern Fashion Doll

The first modern fashion doll was not the Barbie. The Revlon doll was introduced by The Ideal company in the 1950s.  While rather expensive for most parents the doll was exceptionally popular. Ms. Revlon came in several sizes and was a very pretty fashion doll with a sweet face. She had a modern figure and enough beautiful clothes to keep any little girl very happy. The original Miss Revlon is very collectible. One in mint condition brings a very healthy price.

The early dolls came in 15 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 1/2 inch, and an extremely rare 25 inch tall. Later a little Miss Revlon was introduced in the 10 1/2 inch size. Most of the dolls had pierced ears, red lips, painted fingernails and toenails. The dolls are jointed at the neck, shoulders, waist, and hips.

During the 50s and 60s there were many knockoff dolls that look like the Revlon doll. Most had beautiful wardrobes and many of these dolls are also collectible in their own right.

The Cissy doll by Mme. Alexander is another beautiful example of a fashion doll also from the 1950s. Cissy also had an extensive wardrobe of beautiful clothing. Reproduction Cissies are readily available and are usually less than $200 depending on the model and the outfit. The modern Cissy doll has a slightly different body than the vintage doll. Both the modern and vintage Cissy doll appear to have a problem with splits at their knee joints.  The Cissy doll stands 20 inches to 21 inches in height and is extremely poseable.

Patterns for Ms. Revlon and the Cissy doll were available from all the major pattern companies and reflected the clothing worn during the 50s and 60s by fashionably dressed young women. Cissy dolls are again very popular collectibles among the over 50 generation the possibly could not afford a Cissy back when they were a child.