Full Size Vintage Patterns

Full size vintage patterns straight out of Harper’s Bazar and other vintage fashion magazines.

Over the past several years I have been lucky enough to aquire a large number of vintage Harper’s Bazar magazines, Peterson’s Ladies magazines and several other less known vintage magazines that are complete with the pattern supplement. I will be offering these patterns for sale in the shopping cart. The patterns have been copied, cleaned up, and reformatted.  These patterns would be great for costumes for reenactments or anywhere a accurate vintage costume is needed .

These patterns are actual vintage clothing patterns. The patterns have been copied accurately and include the original instructions that came with the patterns.  If you have worked with this type of pattern before you know that the instructions are very limited.  Women in past times were taught to sew from a very young age.  It was assumed that any woman would know how to sew the pattern and did not need the step-by-step patterns that we use today.  There are no little pictures so these patterns might be a little hard for an inexperienced sewer.  Many of the full-size patterns did not come with a skirt pattern.  Where a skirt pattern is missing the magazine often gave diagrams.  These are simple enough to follow  even today.  If the skirt pattern or diagrams are not included with the original pattern, I have added a pattern or diagram for an appropriate skirt.  The skirt pattern or diagram that I add is always time appropriate for the period of the original pattern.


    As I have time I will be posting articles from the magazines in these time periods.  Most of the information I will be posting articles as I have time.  Most of these articles will seem almost laughable viewed in today’s modern society but at the time they were printed they were considered very up to date.   Most women in the time frame that the magazine I have covered must have spent a good deal of their time dressing and un dressing.  They had a special outfit for everything they did, walking dresses, morning dresses, afternoon dress, carriage dress, visiting dress, dinner dresses, house dresses, tea dresses, seaside dresses, just to name a few.