French Fashion Dolls

Vintage patterns from Harper’s Bazar resized to fit French Fashion dolls.

The term French fashion doll can often be misleading. Most people think of a French fashion doll as an antique costing thousands of dollars each. There are many reproduction dolls that could be classified as French fashion dolls.

The modern French fashion doll head is usually made from bisque, or another form of ceramic. The face is that of an adult as opposed to a ahead with a child’s or baby features. The body has a longer and slimmer shape. These bodies are not shaped like to the modern fashion dolls. They do not have a marked bust line or the long sexy legs of a Barbie type doll.

There are companies that are producing modern versions of the antique style FFD bodies. While these reproductions are not cheap with the average price of the body being between $100 and 200 each depending on the size, it’s a lot less expensive than than spending thousands of dollars on an actual antique doll that may or may not be in good shape.

Along with buying the reproduction body, you have to consider the head. You can get a nicely painted head that mimics the antique dolls for anywhere from $40 on eBay to a couple hundred dollars from a private artist. Some of the heads come with wigs attached but usually not. A nice period correct wig can cost you almost as much as the head.