Doll Pattern Copies

Our pattern copies are from patterns with copyrights that have expired.  We have reformated them for modern sewing.  While the originals that our patterns are based on are no long under copyright laws, our reformated patterns are.  Our patterns are not for resale.  They are meant for your use.

Prior to our modern times, many dolls were homemade either due to economic reasons or just because dolls to play with were not readily available. During the depression years of the 1930s, and the war years of the 1940s, many patterns were printed for stuff dolls, stuffed toys, and clothing patterns for purchase dolls or handmade dolls. While some of these patterns are still available on online auctions or antique dealers, many are not and many are expensive, or incomplete.

I have a rather extensive collection of these vintage type dolls, stuffed toys, and clothing patterns. I an making these patterns available on the website shopping cart in a downloadable format. The patterns range in price from a dollar to five dollars on average.

Why not try making a vintage looking doll or stuffed toy for your favorite little person or just make one because they are cute and easy to make. You can set them on a shelf and have your own “step back into the past” area.