Disclaimer Page

My Vintage Pattern Copies

Vintage Copies are vintage patterns that I have cleaned and reformatted to make them easier to use. The original patterns are no longer covered by any copyright laws but my reformatted patterns are. You can make as many items from this pattern as you wish as gifts or for resale. You may NOT copy my updated pattern for resale in any form including auctions or make copies to give away. Redoing these patterns take a lot of time and work to do them right.  I reserve all rights to my work on any of these patterns.

My Original Patterns

My patterns are designed and published by me.  They are My original designs and I reserve all rights to the patterns, the pictures, and the instructions. My patterns are sold for personal use. You may make copies to use so that you can preserve the originals for later use but you cannot make copies to sell or to give away. This includes selling copies on auction sites, websites, or anywhere else. Even if you change the pattern slightly, it is still my pattern that you based it one and is still covered by my copyright.  I put a lot of time and work into the patterns and the presentation and will take any legal action that I need to against someone violating my rights to my work.

I am not connected in any way with any doll manufacturer, doll company, or doll website. The dolls that I use as models are my own. The doll patterns that I design are made to fit as many commonly available vintage or new dolls as possible.

Please enjoy my patterns but use them in the way that they were intended. Copying and selling my patterns is a violation of my rights and is theft. There are already enough crooks in this world, please don’t become one of them.

©2006 Linda Camp