About the Patterns listed For Sale

Most of my patterns are available for automatic download, but some patterns are just too large or would require you to join too many pieces. So… Check the description in the shopping cart before ordering.  Patterns are not refundable.

5699 StolesI will be listing a large number of commercial patterns in the catalog.  These are patterns that I have bought over time.  If I live to be 150 I will never be able to use them all so I’m listing them.  Please read the descriptions carefully.  If I’ve missed any information that you think is important please email me before you buy the pattern. I am not always at the computer since I work full time but I check email a few times a day.

In addition to the commercial patterns I have a large number of patterns by various doll pattern makers. Some of these patterns seem to have been printed better than others but they are in the same condition that I bought them in.  I make sure that any pattern that I offer for sale is in usable condition and is complete unless otherwise note.    Sometimes I have more than I copy of these patterns.  I sometimes buy large groups of patterns to get 1 that I want.  This means I can always count on getting duplicates. Since these are not patterns that I designed, they are sold with no guarantee that they will fit the doll size that is listed.

The full size Vintage Copies that I have for sale are printed on full size drafting paper.  These copies are exact line for line copies from vintage magazines or reformatted from vintage fashion books.The instructions are the ones available with the original pattern.  I sometimes add hints or more detail to the instructions but the patterns are as close to the original as I can possible make them.

Advantages to Automatic Downloads

Fast delivery

           You’ll be able to download your pattern as soon as your paypal payment clears.
No lost patterns
If you lose a piece, all you have to do is print another.  You will always know where your patterns are, and you will not have boxes of patterns laying around.
Less expensive
           Since I have no printing, packaging, or shipping costs, the downloadable patterns are less expensive.

Copyright Information

All rights reserved.  The patterns and books offered for sale on Step Back Patterns contain material protected under international and Federal copyright laws entreaties.  Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited.  No part of the patterns or books may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, or by any information storage and retrieval systems without the express written permission of the author/publisher.

The copyrights for the vintage patterns shown on stepbackpatterns.com are not held by me. BUT MY VERSIONS OF THE PATTERNS ARE. You can make a copy of a pattern you have purchased from me for your own personal use. You may NOT make copies for sale thru any means INCLUDING but not limited to ebay auctions.

How to use your patterns

The best way to use your new patterns is to trace the pieces onto tracing paper or lightweight pellon.  Pellon is sturdier than tracing paper and will hold up to quite a bit of use.  You can also Xerox your pattern pieces but they are a little stiffer and makes adjustments to the pieces a little harder.  Xeroxing or tracing your patterns saved your original pattern intact and if you lose a pattern piece you can always make a new one.pattern thumbnail
If you are purchasing a downloadable pattern, print the pattern page that you need for the outfit you are going to make.  After printing out your pattern sheets check to see which pieces need to be taped together before using them.  To join them accurately, cut one piece on the joining line, tape it to the joining line of your second piece before cutting out the piece for use.